MTN SA Foundation Sponsor CGA Cross Country

MTN SA Foundation is now sponsor for Central Gauteng Athletics Cross Country, after signing a 3 year sponsorship deal.

This will help support Central Gauteng Athletics development programmes. Entry runners will now receive prize incentives and overall development of the new results system, catering for technical officials and many more that relates to developing Cross Country events.

For the past two Cross Country Leagues that have been hosted under the MTN SA Foundation sponsorship, we have seen exceptional improvement and this is only the beginning. It's time Central Gauteng Athletics and MTN SA Foundation to take Cross Country to greater heights through this partnership.

During discussions of this sponsorship deal, MTN SA Foundation requested to host the MTN 21km Marathon on 7 June 2014 in Gauteng under the rules of Athletics South Africa and Central Gauteng Athletics. The purpose of this marathon is to raise awareness of the annual MTN staff volunteerism initiative – MTN 21 Days of Y’ello Care – while raising funds for ICT projects in disadvantaged schools. This event unfortunately clashed with the 2nd league of Cross Country, but where there's a will there's a way. Both events were hosted successfully. Most athletes attended the MTN SA Foundation race which took place early in the morning and then later took part in the Cross Country event which was scheduled to commence midday. At the end of the day everyone was happy and all was accomplished.

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