CGA Race Walking League Piloted

CGA is very excited to announce the introduction of  it's RACE WALKING LEAGUE.  The aim of this initiative is to encourage more walkers to attend races, thus growing the sport and to find and develop new talent for the province.

To this end, 2013 was used as a pilot year to assess the feasibility of this initiative, to determine club interest in such an initiative and to develop / fine tune the logistics of running such a league.

A brief overview of how it is proposed that the league will work is as follows: 

  • The league will be based on points scored per club
  • Only CGA registered athletes will qualify for league points
  • Points will be allocated to each walker finishing a league race, based on gender, age category, distance and race time.  A minimum of 1 point is allocated to everyone whose name is on the official set of results
  • A maximum of 10 athletes per club is used for point calculation
  • Clubs that have more than 10 athletes that finish a race will default to 2 or more teams with the highest 10 points being allocated to the 1st team, and the next 10 points being allocated to a 2nd team, and so on
  • Once points have been calculated for each club, a sort will be done, listing the clubs from the highest to the lowest number of points.  The club with the highest number of points will then be allocated 50 league points, the next 49 points, etc
  • The athletes whose points make up the top 10 points in one league race will not necessarily be the same 10 athletes in the next walking league race
  • At the end of each league season, the winning club will be awarded a floating trophy.

We hope that you are as excited about this initiative as we are.  Please spread the word and get as many of your walkers as possible to enter these events.  Please remind them, however, that all ASA race walk rules will apply.


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