Cross Country Rules

  1. All Clubs affiliated to CGA may compete in the Cross Country Leagues.
  2. New Clubs on probation are also welcome
  3. No affiliation fee gets paid as clubs pay CGA at the beginning of each year.
  4. Each runner must purchase an entry sticker at each League meeting.
  5. If for some reason you don’t have Club colours, you must refer this to the organiser.
  6. Club colours to be worn and the runner to have a valid licence on the front and back.
  7. Temporary licences will be available at R10.00 per set.
  8. A temporary licence is only valid for one day and is not transferable. Please indicate with a ‘TL’ on your entry sticker that your number is a temporary number.
  9. Runners from other Provinces may compete in the competitions but they may not score for a CGA Club in the League. These athletes can compete with a licence from their home province or buy a temporary licence on the day.
  10. No club can run in more than one League, e.g. A League, B League, etc.
  11. The first 4 runners from a club score for the A team.
  12. There is no team competition for Sub Juniors. (Under 11)
  13. Licence numbers are used to process results. Please write them neatly.
  14. Please complete all entry slickers fully and clearly.
  15. If an athlete competes in a Temporary number he/she must indicate a “TL” on the sticker and include the licence number.
  16. Results of previous week’s events will be sold at the following meeting.

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