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General Rules



  1. All athletes will run in their officially registered club colours, except when representing some other officially selected team. Special permission to run in other colours may be granted by Central Gauteng Athletics or Athletics South Africa.
  2. All club colours must be registered with Central Gauteng Athletics.
  3. Participants issued with temporary licences need not wear club colours, but must at all times be decently clad. Participants issued with temporary numbers may wear no advertising.

Race and License Numbers

  1. Licence numbers as provided by Athletics South Africa through Central Gauteng Athletics and must be worn in all races/events run under the jurisdiction of ASA. Failure to do so will automatically disqualify the runner.
  2. Race and licence numbers shall not be altered in such a way as to conceal the number, name of the sponsor, the Province and the year for which issued.
  3. Every athlete must wear and display two numbers during all events (front and back.)
  4. These numbers will be the official licence number. If the race/event organisers require a special number to be worn, this must be worn on the front of the vest and the licence number on the back.
  5. Race and Licence numbers are not transferable under any circumstances.
  6. The minimum height of the race number characters shall be 120 mm.


  1. Licenses expire on 31st December each year.
  2. Licence forms are issued by ASA through the Provincial Athletic bodies. Only the Province in which the athlete is domiciled may register athletes. No dual registration will be permitted. Where athletes change their place of residence during a calendar year, they may retain their licence until it expires.
  3. Only club members may purchase a licence and all licensing is done through the clubs.
  4. No athlete whose application for a licence has been refused will be allowed to compete in any road race.

Temporary Licenses

To enable unlicensed athletes to compete in approved races, and also to cater for licensed athletes, who leave their licence numbers and/or club colours at home, temporary licences may be issued subject to the following conditions: Temporary licences are only valid for the race for which issued. Organisers must provide the necessary administration and facilities to enter temporarily licensed athlete separately. The Provincial Athletic body in whose area the race will be held must charge an additional fee, for temporary licenses. Athletes with temporary licences may not display any advertising on their running clothes during the race. No temporary licence will be issued to a suspended athlete without the approval of ASA Holders of temporary licences will only be eligible for prizes in the open category.

Club Transfers

  1. It is very important that the correct procedures are adhered to when an athlete transfers from one club to another. The athlete must resign from his club in writing and get a Clearance letter, which he must present to his new club when he applies for membership. No club should accept an athlete from another club without a Clearance letter. The club must advise CGA in writing of all new members joining the club.
  2. The name of the athlete; his/her current licence number; the name of the previous club. e.g. Lic. 1223 John Jones transferred from ABC Club This information will be circulated to all clubs every month with the CGA minutes. Clubs must scrutinize this list and advise CGA Office if they have an objection to any name on this list of athletes who had joined other clubs.
  3. Clubs must inform CGA of all athletes who had resigned from the Club and had received clearance to join another club. If it is known to which club they are transferring, this information must be submitted to CGA e.g. Lic. 4567 Ann Jones to join ABC Club This is to update the club details in the CGA office for licensing purposes. Should a club fail to grant a clearance and do not notify CGA office of any reason why clearance was withheld, automatic clearance will be granted to the athlete after three months of the date of resignation.
  4. An athlete can only compete for his new club and in the colours of his new club once he has received his Clearance Letter from his previous club. An athlete can only score points for a club in a team event once his clearance is in the CGA office. No athlete is allowed to belong to more than one club. No athlete can score in any league for more than one club in one season.