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Cross Country Rules

  1. All Clubs affiliated to CGA may compete in the Cross Country Leagues.
  2. New Clubs on probation are welcome
  3. No affiliation fee gets paid as clubs pay CGA at the beginning of each year.
  4. The Entry link for each League will open on the Wednesday of the week prior to the League (10 days prior to the League) e.g., they will open on the 26th April for the event happening on the 6th May 2023 and will close at midnight on the Tuesday night of the week of the League.
  5. A bulk entry sheet will be available. This sheet must be emailed to: before entries close
  6. Entries will be closed on the Tuesday night before the League.
  7. On the entry portal/ link under the Cross Country League list you are able to check if your entry and ID copy has been received. Any queries should be addressed before entries close.
  8. Each runner must pre enter and then pay at the gate for their entry sticker at each League meeting. There will be No entries allowed on the day of the event
  9. Printed entry stickers, in a plastic bag, will be collected at the entry gate and placed on spikes at the finish. Athletes that run with temporary licenses need to write their temporary license number on the sticker
  10. Category athletes must please wear ID tags, front and back
  11. Senior Athlete age is determined by the day of the ASA Championships date in September
  12. Junior ages are determined by the age they turn during the year.
  13. Club colours are to be worn and the runner to have a valid license on the front and back.
  14. If for some reason you don’t have Club colours, you must refer this to the organiser.
  15. Spectators will be allowed into the venue on payment of a R 30.00 entry fee
  16. Vendors will be allowed into the venue on payment of a R50.00 entry fee
  17. Athletes will be allowed into the venue on payment of a R15.00 entry fee
  18. Affiliated Coaches entries are FREE on presentation of their Affiliation card
  19. A temporary license is only valid for one day and is not transferable. Please indicate with a ‘TL’ on your online entry and entry sticker that your number is a temporary number.
  20. Runners from other Provinces may compete in the competitions provided they have pre entered. These athletes can compete with a license from their home province or buy a temporary license on the day.
  21. License numbers are used to process results. Please ensure that they are correct.
  22. License numbers cannot be shared or transferred to another athlete
  23. An athlete will only be allowed to run 1 event at a League.
  24. Results of Leagues will be available on the entry website and the CGA website during the week after the League.