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Selection Criteria

The following criteria must be met for the selection to the CGA team to participate in any interprovincial meeting:

  1. Certified copies of birth /Green Bar-Coded ID Books must be submitted to the CGA Track and Field Commission with the original to be viewed simultaneously not later than the closing date for the CGA Track and Field Championship pre-entries. CGA cannot be held responsible for lost documents.
  2. Athletes must be in possession of a permanent race number before selection of the team takes place. This number also acts as an insurance policy should the athlete be injured during training or racing according to the prerequisites of the underwriter concerned.
  3. Qualifying standards determined by CGA track and field commission must be attained. It remains the prerogative of the selection committee to waive any qualifying standard should it be deemed necessary to do so.
  4. Certified proof of any performance certificates attained by an athlete in meetings other than ASA/CGA organised events must be submitted to the CGA Track and Field Commission not later than the closing date for the CGA Track and Field Championship pre-entries.
  5. Athletes that have attained club championships qualifying standard before the champs and run the provincial championship which is the final official trial. Failure to comply with this rule could lead to omission from the CGA team.
  6. Should an athlete be ranked in the latest ASA top ten best performance list, s/he will be included in the team.
  7. Selection criteria Correct as is 3 our 5 leagues meetings ASA Qualifying standards The domicile rule for selection to any CGA team will be applied strictly. The Dom cilium Rule
    29.4.2 An athlete shall only represent the ASA province where s/he is domiciled.
    29.4.3 With the exception of a National athlete, an athlete shall only be a member of a club if the athlete and the club are both domiciled in the same ASA province.
    29.4.4 A National Athlete* may belong to a club of his/her choice anywhere in South Africa, BUTs/he will ONLY represent an ASA province where he/she is domiciled.
    29.4.5 No athlete may relocate from one province to another without being in possession of a written clearance certificate from his/her former province entitling him/her to compete in the new province. Failure to obtain such a clearance certificate shall render the athlete ineligible to compete in the new province.

*National Athlete
A national athlete is an athlete whose name appears on ASA’s Register of NationalAthletes.
Essentially, athletes on the Register of NationalAthletes will be those who have represented South Africa at a senior international championship or who placed in the top ten at Comrades

General information
CGA Selected Team members to represent CGA province at ASA National Championships 2023
A Compulsory Team Meeting will be held for ALL selected ATHLETES AND MANAGEMENT usually at CGA office in Germiston Stadium before team leaves to the ASA National Championships, to be given
final team arrangements.
Athletes are requested to bring their 2023 Permanent Licenses and certified copies of the birth certificate or ID card with a ID SIZE phote paste in left top corner to the copy, to the above mentioned meeting, if it was not handed in at Medal prestation at the Provincial Championships

Please note that signing of Code of Conduct Consent forms and contract agreement is COMPULSORY and to be signed by all Team Members and Management, Minors forms to be signed by parents or guardian.
If consent/contract forms are not signed an athlete will not be allowed to be part of CGA team.
CGA Track and Field Commission.
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