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CGA Empowering Athletes With Knowledge (3)

CGA Empowering Athletes With Knowledge

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Central Gauteng Athletics held the annual Athletes Workshop on the 31st August 2019 at Sports House in Johannesburg Stadium.

The purpose of the annual Athletes workshop is to share information that affects athletes on and off the field of athletics. The topics for this year amongst others was how athletes can grow as a brand and the positive use of social media to develop a brand name. We have always included the education around the Anti-Doping and the use of banned substances in athletics.

In the first presentation of the day, we had covered and highlighted rules and regulations. The emphasis was on encouraging athletes to respect the rules and demonstrate ethical behaviour towards opponents and officials during events.

“The purpose of event is to win fairly and the rules ensure fairness of competitive opportunities between all athletes”, said Kenny Makola the CGA and ASA Technical Officials committee member in his conclusion.

SAIDS presentation dealt with how athletes can resist corrupting pressures, rejecting drugs, and other banned performance-enhancing substances. Each athlete must take responsibility for all the intakes into his or her body. SAIDS education officer Size Vardhan also shared some of his experiences that athletes must their best to abstain from the use of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages especially in public.

The Olympic Games silver medallist and Colgate brand ambassador Khotso Mokoena also took part in equipping fellow athletes with his collective knowledge and experience. Mokoena emphasised on the conduct of athletes and pressures that come with being an elite athlete. He added that athletes must strive to maintain a sense of self-control and dignity at all times.

Part of the challenge that our athletes face in the province is how to access higher education. Chris Fortuin of the University of Johannesburg, Sports Department, shared how the University recruits athletes and how athletes qualify for the sports bursaries at the institution. We are hoping as the province that the intake of athletes will indeed improve to try and keep excelling athletes in the province.

Closing remarks by the CGA Board Member and Chairperson of Athletes Commission Zongamele Dyubeni mapped a way forward but encouraging athletes to take the information presented during the workshop and put it into practice. This will not only build an individual athlete but it will build CGA to continue to be one number province in the country. He concluded by thanking all athletes in attendance and presenters for taking time to be part of this very successful annual workshop.

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